About Us

Exclusivelashes is a brand focused on quality, amazing energy, and a great atmosphere. We train eyelash stylists and instructors, setting a high standard in teaching quality. Both as a company and as individuals, we focus on continuous and successful development. Our team consists of over 30 people who work every day to ensure that training, products, and accessories for eyelash styling bring you joy and satisfaction, as we accompany you on your professional development journey to success. 

We conduct trainings throughout Poland, in larger and smaller cities. Monika Rząp, the founder of the Exclusivelashes brand and a certified master of all eyelash styling methods, has also created an online training platform, which will allow you to save time, learn about key techniques and methods, and introduce you to the world of the beauty industry. Our training platform is tailored so that the online course is very close to an in-person course. Professional recordings, graphics and animations – all this to make the course as easy as possible to learn. A large staff worked on crafting the perfect image and sound, to improve user experience. You can also return to the training whenever you need to.

Exclusivelashes also has its own line of products. We have created luxury, black eyelashes, tweezers with perfectly fitted area of contact, adhesives for all levels of experience, and many accessories necessary for the work of an eyelash stylist. 

If you want to become part of this continuously growing industry, develop your skills, be up to date with professional knowledge, be supported by years of experience, and use the highest quality products – trust us! Eyelashes are our passion, our work, and the most beautiful success we could ever dream of.