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Training packages

This package includes access to all training courses.
With this package you also get access to one Brand New training course every two months, at no additional cost! By purchasing this package, you save about PLN 4,000 in one year! The price of this package will increase as new training courses are added, but after purchasing the Package, you get a fixed price guarantee!



One-year package
Training without a model

Are you considering starting to work as an eyelash stylist? Then this training is perfect for you!


7 lessons
Theoretical knowledge

 Do you feel that you lack theoretical knowledge? This training is just for you!


6 lessons
Training with a model

Do you have any concerns about serving your client? After this training, all fears with client service should subside.

14 lessons
The practice of creating clusters

 Having trouble creating beautiful clusters? After this training, these problems will disappear!


3 lessons
Practical training

Learning to extend eyelashes with the volumetric method. Techniques to speed up work.

3 lessons