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Everyone enjoys feeling beautiful. But perhaps you’ve previously left a beauty salon not fully satisfied with the result, where the eyelash extensions did not meet your expectations. If you found our website, you are probably someone who runs their own beauty center, or an employee, who wants to expand or improve their eyelash extension practice. Maybe you do not have time for in-person training or simply prefer to learn outside of a classroom? If that’s the case, you've certainly come to the right place.

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Learn about: – your chance for success! is a place where you will gain highly desired skills and knowledge, and get a number of tips for eyelash extensions and running your own business, all without leaving your home!

The beauty center online trainings that we offer will allow you to develop your business and improve your practice like never before.

What is

We invite you to a remote learning platform where you can develop skills for eyelash extensions. This program was created in response to the needs of beauticians and eyelash stylists who wish to learn in a more convenient way. The founder of this project is Monika Rząp – a figure known and respected in the world of eyelash stylists in Europe and around the world. Her many years of passion, experience, and organizational capabilities have been appreciated by thousands of clients. She has won international competitions, where she showcased her extraordinary skills. Wanting to share her passion with others, she decided to make use of her experience by creating an e-learning beauty center.

How do you use the online training platform?

It's easy! To use the beauty center online courses, you need:

  • A device with network access (phone, computer, tablet)

  • An account on our e-learning platform (you will receive an account after purchasing a package)

  • A moment of free time (this part depends entirely on you)

After selecting and purchasing your selected package from our training courses, you will gain access to the platform, where all training materials are available. With continuous access to the materials, you can come back at any time, to anything that piqued your interest. Upon starting the course, depending on the option you choose, you will have a limited amount of time to complete the training and obtain a certificate, which will be a confirmation of the skills you have acquired.

How can you benefit from the online training for eyelash stylists?

To find out the details of the beauty center online training, contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. We are convinced that the solutions we offer will work for you, and will allow you to spread your wings as an eyelash stylist. Invest in your professional development, allow yourself to achieve better results, and make your clients happy with your services at the highest level. Give yourself and your business a chance.

What are you waiting for? Start learning today!