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Do you run your own beauty parlour? Are you taking your first major steps in the beauty industry? Constantly running out of time for professional development? We know exactly what you feel. All of us have been there before. Running between a beauty salon and training centers is exhausting. Time wasted traveling between one point and another, sometimes in inclement weather, with no time to rest – we know it very well. That is exactly why our e-learning platform for beauty was created.

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Why should you consider training with

The major benefit in training with us is the amount of time you can save, which is extremely important for entrepreneurs like you. Every hour saved is an extra hour that you can use freely. An online training for beauty salons allows you to learn from anywhere in the world. Regardless of whether you are at home, out in nature, or have decided to take a trip – our training platform is available to anyone, anytime, provided internet access.

Perhaps you are worried that you will not be able to complete the entire training, or that there is a specific time limit for each module? Fear not! You can access our training platform for a full year and use it whenever you like. Modules are available 24/7.

Who teaches the online courses at

The modules in our courses are conducted by an expert in the field of eyelash extensions – Monika Rząp. She is an award-winning specialist who won world-class eyelash extension competitions using various methods, and now shares her knowledge on the platform with everyone who wants to be successful in the field.

The cosmetics empire built by Monika Rząp is the best proof that improving your professional qualifications is incredibly important and will lead you to success. Monika built her company from the ground up, hence, by deciding to train with her, you have the opportunity to not only learn about eyelash extensions, but also to gain knowledge about business development.

Is online training for beauty parlours a popular option?

Beauty salons choose online training more and more often nowadays. This is because they provide the opportunity to train the entire staff at different times. There is no need to quit your job or lose clients due to staff shortages – here you decide when you will train.

After completing the training, you will receive a certificate, which will confirm your knowledge and skills, and is sure to impress your clients. Many beauty salons can confirm the effectiveness of online trainings. To find out for yourself, contact us and get to know our world of e-learning for beauty salons.

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