Beauty studio – courses and training online

Do you run a beauty studio? Are you looking for a way to broaden your horizons? Do you need training for yourself or your employees? We have an offer tailored to your needs! Beauty studio online training courses with Monika Rząp from Exclusivelashes!

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Why should you opt for online courses?

If you are the owner or employee of a beauty studio, online courses are the perfect option to combine training and professional work. Online courses allow you to tailor the training cycles for eyelash extensions (including techniques, eyelash types and care) to your daily schedule. You do not have to quit your job, as training is available 24 hours a day on the e-learning platform created by a top-class specialist in this field – Monika Rząp.

What are the advantages of such a solution?

Online training courses for beauty studios allow you to:

  • Receive an education without any time restrictions, learning only when you have the time for it

  • Learn from wherever you are, and return to the most important topics whenever you want

  • Obtain a certificate in the topic of the material covered in the course

  • A quick summary of your learned skills, and an individual learning plan

What will you gain after completing the course?

There are many benefits of using the online training courses for beauty studios. Below you will find the most important ones, which will help you assess whether our training is what your beauty studio needs. The course will allow you to:

  • Learn everything about eyelash extensions – from theory to practice!
  • Choose the right type of eyelashes for each client.
  • Extend eyelashes in a safe and professional manner.
  • Get to know the details of working with clients’ sensitive skin.
  • Choose the right cosmetics and accessories.
  • Apply makeup to enhance the effects of eyelash extensions.
  • Receive a certificate confirming participation in the course.

E-learning platforms are currently experiencing an expanding market. It is a response of training centers to address the changing needs of their students. We understand how difficult it is to find time to travel to training centers for classes, therefore this solution will allow you to acquire the necessary knowledge in a simple and effective way.

Our online trainings are conducted by Monika Rząp – a leading eyelash stylist, winner of many competitions, an undeniable specialist, who built her brand from the ground up. Her trainings will definitively allow you to rise above the competition in your environment, and enable you to create the best beauty studio in the area! She has also created a special beauty studio online program based on her own experience.

Check out our offer today and decide for yourself. Success is just around the corner, reach out for it by entering the world of perfect eyelashes.

Get to know our trainings! We invite you to reach out to us!